The aim of this site is not to editorialize. Instead, it is to collect and display data that shows the extent of inequality across many measures in the U.S. We encourage readers of this site to use the data as a jumping-off point for their own writing or interpretation.

To answer the question of “why should we trust you and your data?” we provide footnoting and links throughout the site to make clear the original source for the data. This is not data we are generating on our own or taking from random blogs or unknown parties. We are aggregating and sharing data generated by high-quality primary sources, mostly government agencies.

We choose subject areas based on what will likely be of interest to readers, and, sometimes, what we find interesting ourselves. However, we do not cherry-pick data. When it comes to race inequality in the data across many areas, you don’t need to cherry-pick, you’ll find inequity under nearly every rock you turn over. If we explore data that doesn’t display inequality, we will share that as well. These cases may be useful in considering ways to address the many other areas where inequality is so persistent.

The authors of this site are not named because we’re not the focus. The data is the focus.

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