Princeton University enrollment by race

Consider the entire U.S. population by race. At a large university like Princeton, we would expect to see a racial makeup that’s roughly the same as the U.S. population as a whole. That is, if we live in a society with racial equality, and everyone, regardless of race, has the same shot at getting anContinue reading “Princeton University enrollment by race”

Harvard University enrollment by race

By looking at the entire U.S. population by race, we should get a picture of what the racial makeup of a large university like Harvard would look like. At least, that should be the case in a roughly equal society, where all races have similar resources and opportunities. The racial makeup of the country isContinue reading “Harvard University enrollment by race”

U.S. educational attainment by race

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows the highest level of education attained. In an equal society, we would expect to see roughly similar levels of educational attainment across races. Here, we see that while 1.3% of Whites had less than a 9th grade education, more than twice that percentage (2.3x) of Blacks had lessContinue reading “U.S. educational attainment by race”